If you are looking for a home for your family.. if you buy any other 3 bedroom home in Evansville you'll have to spend first $250 out of your paycheck each week to pay mortgage payment, gas, electric, water, cable, Internet bills each month.. but.. this property will pay all these bills plus it will pay taxes and insurance on property and give you $300 from $1200 a month rent that the 3 other apartments generate

Included in the 3 bedroom apartment on first floor is new glass top electric range, refrifgerator, washer, dryer with Lane couch and loveseat with foot rest on each end that cost $2200 and bedroom furniture in one room and a computer with monitor

If you have $120,000 cash to invest.. you can earn 12% interest which is $1500 a month after expenses which is $1250 more a month than the $250 a month on a 2% bank CD is currently paying on your $125,000 invested there

Seller is selling property with income worth $150,000 for $120,000 cash or $125,000 if financed that he's lived in and where he had his Insurance agency since 1983.. this property is in tip top condition with no improvements or repairs needed that is located at 512-514-516 East Riverside Drive in Evansville Indiana

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$2000 income that buyer can get from property
each month can be found.... on the page below

$700 a month is what 3 bedroom downstairs apartment with basement could be rented for if buyer doesn't want to live in it with family.. apartment was remodeled in 2010 and has new carpet and new central A/C

$600 a month is what 3 bedroom upstairs apartment could be rented for with private entrance and free cable TV

$700 a month is what two one bedroom apartments in duplex is now earning for owner.. both have new carpeting, a new gas furnace in each unit, new 25,000 btu window A/C with thermostat in each unit

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Improvements on property in last 5 years
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$8,000 spent on improvements to two apartments in duplex behind front house in last two years include a new roof, two new gas furnaces, 2 new window air conditioners, carpet in living room and bedroom, linoleum in bathroom with shower and kitchen

$15,000 spent on improvements to 3 bedroom downstairs apartment that was my insurance office for 27 years include a new central A/C in 2010, new carpeting, new refridgerator, new glass top electric range, remodeling living room and kitchen in 2011.. in last 5 years new roof and front porch.. in last 10 years new gas line and water line to duplex

$2400 spent on improvements in 2010 on siding rear garage and in March of 2012 include removing, cleaning and replacing 12 storm windows and glazing window glass, painting duplex, two garages in back of duplex, and two car garage in back of front house with carport

In back of front house is a large graveled parking area, a two car garage with a carport and a fenced in enclosed area for RV or boat and in back of duplex are two garages.. and.. above are improvements owner has made to property that a buyer will not have to spend money on that would come from their income from property

Taxes on property are about $120 a month.. insurance about $140 a month.. and.. water about $130 a month

For appointment to see property call 812-464-5221
or.. if you have any questions you can.... email me
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